Sunday, September 11, 2005

toe warmers or cat toys

The trouble with knitting socks in bed, now that the nights are beginning to get just a little colder, is that you want to try them on all the time. It does so slow down the knitting process, because recent nights out, and associated alcohol consumption, can't possibly explain my inability to finish a simple pair of socks.

Now, last year I got rescue cats, because I had inherited mice. So, of course, the cats are going to be used as fodder every so often. (By the way, I never used to do 'cute', but I swear there is something in cat food which can turn a brain. And if this doesn't register on your cute scale, just remember that 'I've come a long way, baby'.)

One cat came with some strange habits, among them a death-defying craving for raw potato peelings (I know, bad for cats, but she steals them out of the sink), and the ability to survive burying her head in smelly trainers. She really likes her feet, that one. She also really likes her string. So, half-finished socks are irresistibly, implacably, indubitably cat toys, and any resulting tangles can't possibly be her fault. Is this another reason why the socks aren't finished?

Hey, I've just come up with yet another specious reason as to why nothing is finished. It's because I keep stopping to stage these silly photos. So now its time to blog off and knit.