Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can you tell what it is yet?

Absolutely no points for knowing it's a Clapotis!

Is there anyone in knitting blogland who hasn't seen this pattern? Is there anyone who didn't look look at the knitty pictures, and say I want that life, I want to be sitting at a Parisian table, in a Parisian cafe, on a Parisian pavement, drinking Parisian coffee, and dripping with Parisian chic?

But the next best thing is to be there all tucked up in bed, doing some late night knitting, catching up with the latest knitcast, and slowly realising that your shoulders might just be a little chilly. And that isn't a problem, because you have the solution - bring your Clapotis out of summer storage!

A Clapotis made with Debbie Bliss Maya isn't necessarily the most chic - it doesn't have the sophistication of a touch of silk, or the finesse of cashmere, and the loosey-goosey handspun makes for a bit of a lumpy-bumpy drape, but oh, it is warm.

And warm works, because how can you beat being wrapped in warm. It's a bit like having a very lovely friend, who mentions you in her blog, which brings you lovely visitors, who leave you lovely messages. So, from now on, my Clapotis shall evermore be known as The Blueadt Wrap of Warm. If you don't know her, go on, visit, and spread the warmth.