Friday, January 04, 2008

xmas (not), new year (not), okay winter socks

Finished. Finally. Meant to be an xmas present, but didn't make it. Meant to be finished for the new year, but didn't make it. But hey, they made it in time for winter. And to keep puplet's feet warm, in his brand new wellies.

And I have to say, I am deeply proud of these (even though the pictures aren't great, but you know how finicky and unco-operative models can be....).

And the details, just so I can try and keep track (the whole scraps of paper and backs of envelopes working soooooo well these days.)

Based on Cat Bordhi's Clematis Vine (thought without the clematis, or the vine, I suppose), from her New Pathways for Sock Knitters. And my advice for people working from Cat's book, is to trust in her numbers.

And the tops - well, cobbled together, a filling of a 2x2 corrugated rib, sandwiched between 2 rows of a Kihnu vits braid, from Nancy Bush's 'Folk Knitting in Estonia.

And the cast-off - from Priscilla A Gibson-Roberts 'Ethnic Socks and Stockings', something that she calls the double stitch bind off, which worked wonderfully in the two colours. (Though I went up 2 needle sizes, to a 3.5mm, and it still isn't the most elastic ever, but it isn't circulation cutting, so good.)

And the overall knit? Well, on 3mm needles, I kept going, gradually increasing up the back of the leg, 'til there were 104 stitches around. And I kept going until I was just about out of yarn. 4 balls of Regia Silk 4ply gone from the stash (yippee!).

The verdict? I am all seriously boasty. I think I done good.

Next, on to the Hats. For I have received, and drooled over, WoollyWormhead's glorious new Hat Book. And I strongly urge all and any to get it. For the Hats, they are good.

(Normal incompetent non-fitting knitting will return soon.)