Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm having a Charlie Brown moment...

... in other words: 'Oh, good grief'. So the blog hasn't been fed for a while. Because I've managed to get myself silly busy, what with Ravelry (not that I say much there, either, but so much pretty pretty to look at), and joining Mission: Possible 2008 (the fault of Jen of Jenla and Bavgirl, and by the way is there a prize for the greatest underachiever? Aside from yarn arson?) and work (actual paid work, which can be done in pyjamas, with coffee, in front of the computer. Oh, buggery, in pyjamas, with coffee, in front of the computer. Sorry, did I say I was meant to be working?), and volunteer stuff (I'll have you bow down and worship now, please, because I am now both a President, and a Trustee. Oh, the power.... to go to meetings.... ), and grant applications for volunteer stuff (so, you want me to tell you exactly how long that piece of string is going to be, in advance of getting said piece of string in our hands), and projects for volunteer stuff (how long should a piece of string be, anyway? Should we maybe get a committee together, and have some meetings, to discuss the ideal length of a piece of string? Oh, look, how surprising, everyone thinks it should be a different length.... ). And then the general stuff of living (anyone know where I hid the hoover?)

And there has even been some knitting, but because I have a new camera (Woot!), and a shiny new computer (double Woot!), I haven't managed to co-ordinate the taking of pictures with the uploading and the posting .... but I'll give it a go....

Hot-diggety-dawg, something has worked, so behold Daisy, from Woollywormhead's new book, 'Going Straight',

and Sweet Winkie, from the same.

Folks, I gotta say it, and not because I know and adore Woollywormhead, but this is a fabulous book! Hats in a multitude, all designed to be knitted on straights, with fantastic tutorials on short-rowing, and kitchenering (who knew that not only did garter stitch have a reverse side, but that it had its own rules for kitchenering?). And the hats are just so clever, and fun, and quick.

But now, I must go, for I've just been told that Shrödinger's kitten has got a ball of string to play with, and I've got to measure it.