Wednesday, September 07, 2005

half done

would you believe this will be something you can wear?

Well, the photos of lace in progress didn't work too well, so instead I went for 'the art shot'.

Once again, something not complete, a north sea folk shawl (oh, if only the North Sea really did have those colours), but as the days get shorter, some brightness for the evenings.

If I work hard, I might finish this in time for those crisp blue winter days, when you remember that there is light to be seen, and the wisp of lace echoes Jack Frost etchings. But will it be warm? Who cares, when it will look even better draped over the back of a chair, drawn up in front of a pub fire.

In other great works, the puzzle is nearly half-done, the back of a child's jacket is almost done, and, shockingly, something is done. They may only be sock toes, but I'm into the patterning, and heading fast towards the heels. (Socks are bedtime knitting, ideal for listening to the poetry of the shipping forecast.)

In the rest of my life, I'm feeling half done-in. Those beautiful empty pages in my diary have become over-full, and I'm losing my knitting time. And, of course, there is the usual back to school not quite ill but not quite well feeling. Still, if I'm really quiet, and fold up really small, I might just be able to burrow into my stash, and no-one will find me in there.

Finally, the obligatory close-up lace shot. Pre-blocked, so think softly of it.