Tuesday, September 27, 2005

and now, for something, completely different...

(no, let's not all sing Aquarius)

My hair and I have a strange relationship. I'm very proud of my hair, even though I don't look after it. No fancy product for me. It's long, mainly because I don't go to a hairdresser (childhood trauma involving hairdresser and horrified scream-whispers of 'she's got nits!'. Long story, deeply scarred, can't talk about it, noooo scary scissors), and only cut it myself every few years. It has a vague wave, but only if I wash it everyday (greasemonsters live here). I can't even do anything with it, apart from maybe wrap it round a pencil, or use a crochet hook to make a bun (another long story involving a wedding, collecting people en route, not enought sleep, too much coffee, foolish attempt to use hot curlers, and swiss army penknife curler excision while driving).

But the main reason I like my hair is because I am beginning to go grey. I like that my hair is losing its pigmentation, and that I still get spots. I like that my laugh lines are getting deeper, and I still get giddy enough to giggle. I like the fact that I am getting older, and getting closer to purple and ill-suiting red hats.

Most especially, I like that I have stopped worrying about what I will do when I grow up, because I am growed up, and am doing things, and my only plan is to try and be happy. And I like that I now feel confident enough to say when I don't know something (oh, little students are back, many so confident with their youth, bursting with opinions, just busting to be the one who will say and do it all), and that doesn't matter, because I still have the desire to learn. And I like that I know that I will bounce back, that I have found my even keel, my default position, my balance.

It was my birthday recently, you may have guessed. A very nice day, with knitting and curry and friends. But the best thing about a birthday is liking getting older. Just thought I'd say.

And if you came here for knitting, well there might be some needle action, but nothing ready for show and tell yet. Sorry! (And did I say, I like getting older?)