Monday, August 22, 2005

wasting time

The sun was shining, so it was time for a puzzle or two. Accompanied, of course, by the ubiquitous cup of coffee. Now why would anyone want to be inside, working, when they could be outside, playing?

Puzzle number one could go horribly wrong, the pattern calls for Rowan's Kid Silk Haze, but being ornery, I'm using a Jamieson and Smith jumper weight. I'm also being cheap, as I had a little stash of J&S, and didn't want to fork out for KSH. Still, things seem to be going okay so far, the lace is readable, and it should be nice and toasty for winter, when I have to stay indoors, sitting at my desk, and pretending to work. The big question is, will there be enough yarn.

But that problem can wait for another day, as right now I seem to have an empty cup.