Sunday, August 14, 2005

Here goes.

So why does this make me nervous? Well, even though I like words - the day doesn't start without a crossword, and one day I WILL complete a cryptic - and supposedly I am meant to be writing a phd, I find laying them down in print frightening. Something final, even with an edit button. But I have a solution. I will be as anonymous as possible (but reserve the right to change my mind).

Knitting. Why, yes I do. I taught myself years ago (well, a book taught me), stopped, and started again last year. Amazing how just wasting time on the web sucks you back into things - and there does seem to be a rather large, sometimes friendly, and occasionally fractious online knitting community. So, when I get myself more organised, knitting will be mentioned, with an outside possibility of knitted items being finished.

One day, I might even post a few pictures.

Enough for now.

ps I'm also doing this to encourage myself to write often (no promises on what often means), because I have this vague theory that writing here will help me write a phd. That said, my favourite response to most questions seems to be 'yes, no, maybe'. So, yes, no, maybe.