Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Look, ma, I made homework!

Now, me, I hate to swatch. Just dive on in, cos there is always a cupboard (or under the bed, or suitcase, or bin bag somewhere) things can be hidden in. And then there is the whole amphibian deal, if the yarn is very nice, but the pattern or user error have made things wrong.

However, I have heirloom ambitions. I'd like to think I came upon the idea of holey string before the whole summer of lace thing, but to be fair, I figure there was some subliminal imprinting going on. But I've never been a fan of seasonality - except in food - so I'll do this on my own time-scale, and that way I can't be help up to ridicule for saying that I thought you meant summer 2008.

(By the way, the two yarns: in the middle a rowan kid classic (I think, ancient stash, and why on earth would I save a ball band); and either side a Margaret Stove artisan lace, the one hiding, because it isn't blocked, in the top right corner doubled up and knitted on 5.5mm. The others are blocked, no really, and came off 5mm.)

Now that I have mentioned it, I want to go back to this 'my own time-scale' concept. Personally, I find it very useful. Unfortunately, there are some others who don't always seem to benefit. The prime example being my poor benighted long-suffering academic supervisor. A deeply patient woman, whose role in my life is to sit in despair as I continually 'yes, no, maybe' through our meetings. And the current example? Well, there is a little meeting scheduled for next week, and a draft paper due, and even though I am absolutely sure that it is all in my head, and don't worry about it, somehow the words just aren't quite down on paper yet.

Maybe she would like some lace instead?