Friday, August 19, 2005

These boots are made for...

crawling. Well, what else does a baby do? From the infamous '50 baby bootees' by Zoe Mellor.

Hopefully, the baby will at least not chew them to bits, and the mother will like them. But I DON'T CARE, because they are SO DAMN QUICK TO MAKE. You do understand just how satisfying it is to complete something, don't you? And these were a gentle evening each. (Even if I might be smudging the truth just ever so slightly, as I haven't sewn them up yet, but that doesn't count.)

To emphasise just how small these boots are, here they are sandwiched between my (European 36) feet.

And why the different not babyboot socks? Well, because I can, because I can, because the day I turned my first heel was a day of true jubilation, so much so that I bored a psychologist, a philosopher and a real author (published books and all), as well as assorted friends, with much, much information about this magical thing called sock-knitting, when we were there to listen to the real author talk about his latest book. (And a very nice author he is too, who expressed an interest in the sock-making process, and I am sure that his question 'So do you actually wear your hand-knitted socks?' was one of genuine inquiry, not at all one laced with get-away-from-me-you-freak horror.)

And now, I can make toe-up, short-row heel, 2 socks on 2 circs socks. Nothing is impossible. (Except maybe doing the hoovering before the little fluff ball monsters on the carpet start building themselves semi-detached houses. And hitting my work word count for the day.)