Tuesday, August 30, 2005

good lace, bad lace

With the aim of lightening tone, and after looking over previous, rather depressing posts, a return to knitting-only content.

On your left a pretty little thing, Paws to Remember, Margaret Stove doubled up, and just about properly blocked. 2 strands of Margaret Stove held together, and just about properly blocked.

My first piece of lace. And as it turns out, my first piece of lace knitting, because each patterned row is alternated with a plain (knit) row.

But coming up on the right - shield your eyes, it's not a pretty sight - is a piece in progress of knitted lace.

Now, listen carefully, because the Puzzle wrap is a thing of beauty, as is everything that Sharon Miller designs, but this thing? Knitted lace is dangerous in the hands of an amateur. Particularly one who won't cough up for the recommended yarn, and instead decides to use stash of a much thicker bent. With severe blocking, and apologies to Jamieson & Smith jumperweight (which is a lovely thing, but is perhaps better suited to jumpers, as it feels exactly like sproinging spring lambs ought to feel), I might just end up with a short, fat, no the holes aren't mistakes scarf.

If you make fat, and very possibly ugly, lace, shouldn't it be called something else?