Thursday, January 19, 2006

verus, insanus, profundus*

I slept, and hoped sanity would come. It didn't, my fingers walked on over to Yarn Harlot's (it could have been the cats walking on the keyboard, being the evil things that they are), and signed me up.

I know there are a few other Team GB entrants out there - will we uphold the honour of Torvill and Dean, or channel the spirit of Eddie 'the eagle'?

Will anyone be sane by the end? Will the build-up be too much? Will I peak to early, produce beautiful swatches, and then crash and burn (it doesn't start until 10th Feb)?

Why do I feel like such a 'suck-er'?

If anyone wants to know, I will be attempting some kind of hap shawl, based on a combination of the Litla Dimun Shawl from 'Folk Shawls', out of the Faroese Shawl from 'Gathering of Lace', with possibly a few bar sinister elements thrown in. For bonus points I will be attempting a lining. Being not completely insane (yet), this will not be in laceweight, but in a nice, cosy, recommended needle size 4mm/US6 alpaca.

Now, does anyone have any tips on how to knit while relaxing in the bath?

* truly, madly, deeply. I'll stop with the Latin now, I promise.