Friday, January 06, 2006

because I have absolutely nothing else to do (not even my taxes)

And because I am just a little bit scared of them (although I am sure they are very nice really, they did threaten to hunt all non-compliers down and presumably do something unspecified yet no doubt unspeakably awful to them), here is my JenLa inspired avatar.

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

She may not seem that fugly, but she's the kind of woman who scares the bejebus out of me. You just know that sub-Mantovani is going to be blasting out of her handy portable stereo (which D.V.jr has to carry, as she couldn't possibly risk ruining her manicure), that perfect Ms. M. Stewart 'picnic food to serve at your daughter's playing off for third place football game' (well, clearly the referee at little Mandi-beau's last game was biased against the Twinkle-Bootie Stars, and I will be making an official complaint, just you wait and see) will be coming out of her matching tupperware, and that any dog coming anywhere near little Fi-belle is a nasty nasty great dirty brutish beast who should be locked up (well I know little Fi-belle is in heat, but I just couldn't leave her at home, and she just hates to be tied up, and how dare you imply that my little treasure is a slut), and that overall your life would just be better if you went and moved as far away as possible from that nails on a blackboard voice (I'm so glad those common people have moved, if they had lit that b-b-q and smoke runied my new hairdo I don't know what I would do, and it is such an old and greasy looking b-b-q that I'm sure it would send out sparks, and you just know how flammable nylon is, but isn't this the most darling little casual outfit for our little party, isn't it going to be so much fun, and it is so inappropriate to bring beer to a junior soccer match, don't you think, D.V.jr, and I think I should complain to the schoolboard about them). Don't you just love a woman who can suck all the joy out of anything.

If you want to play along, better be quick!