Monday, January 09, 2006

little bits

Things may have been quiet here, but there has been just a little bit of needle action. Acting as a cushion is a scarf for a friend, meant for xmas, but given for the new year, in Rowan cashsoft. A pair of green socks, for me, because they needed to be finished. And because I must have done something right, at least once, a gift from Crystal Webs, of a beautiful crochet wire necklace.

Things I have learnt - scarf

Cashsoft is very, very warm.
Cashsoft is a nice yarn, but even that little bit of microfibre makes my hands twitchy. Not enough to not use it, but enough to make me question using it for a larger item.
Brioche rib is wonderful, so quick, so 'I'm just that little bit more interesting and elegant than a plain rib', so bouncy (although the yarn could have something to do with it), and so rhythmic to knit.
Fringes are fun.

Things I have learnt - simple irregular rib socks

Socks should not take 6 months to knit (oh, the shame, I checked and I started these way back when).
As clever as 2 socks on 2 circs is, they grow so much faster, for me, knit one at a time.
Short row heels fit me perfectly.
Knitting through the back of the loops is not the same as purling through the back of the loops, but if the yarn is thin, the needles are thin, and the pattern is plain, then you can get away with it, just about.
A grafting cast-off works just fine around the cuff, but make sure it is loose (one sock is perfect, one has that pulling-in tight thing going on).
Regia silk is glorious stuff, and so warm, but will easily catch and pull (especially if you walk around in stockinged feet, on imperfect floorboards).
I am so, so close to making my perfect sock. Soon, my pretties, soon.

Things I have learnt - gifts

Luring friends into the needle arts pays off, as you get beautiful, one-off, custom-made gifts. And if I ever lend the necklace back to Crystal Webs (yeah, you think I'm letting that necklace go?), she can tell you how it was done.

Finally, just because there is a small kitten in the house, a picture of a small kitten doing the things a small kitten does.