Wednesday, January 18, 2006

lentus, infernus, flaccidus*

Surely everyone reads that crazed Canadian, who has issued yet another of her challenges to the blogging world.

I'm tempted, sorely tempted, and trying hard to resist. It would be all to easy to be sucked in, dreams of olympic gold hanging tantalisingly ahead, but I have a feeling that my ambition could get the better of me. So, for all those British bloggers who may be tempted, may I remind them of saga of 'Eddie "the eagle" Edwards. So brave, yet so very, very foolish (and the song was just so very, very wrong).

Now, if only Ms. Harlot would include a medal for those who try, and fail, in the grandest manner possible, I might just sign up - perhaps a medal for the largest yarnball splat?

* Or slower, lower, wimpier. I truly apologize to those whose Latin is considerably better than mine. Points for effort, though?