Wednesday, February 22, 2006


susoolu: I'm ill.
Doctor: You sure?
susoolu: Yes.
Doctor: If you say so.

susoolu: For 8 days.
Doctor: Flu?
susoolu: Yes.
Doctor: Cough?
susoolu: Yes.
Doctor: Blood?
susoolu: Yes.
Doctor: Bronchitis.
susoolu: Thought so.
Mad man: Could be TB.
susoolu: (throwing of scabby tissues at doctor) Don't be so stupid.
Doctor: Just saying, makes it more exciting. But okay, probably not.
susoolu: How did the English exam go? [Doctor had to pass exam to get sabbatical and work in Australia for 6 months. Bastard.]
Disgruntled Student: I passed, but my waffle wasn't 100%.
susoolu: Are you sure? Maybe you should get the marks checked.
Doctor: Yeah, you know, brought down by mandatory medical illegible handwriting.
susoolu: It happens. Where are you going in Australia?
Travel agent: Here, let me show you on GoggleEarth. [10 minute discussion on merits of Australia, swimming with sharks, medical systems globally]
susoolu: I should probably go now. Can I have my prescription?

I've given in, and am now officially ill. I think it was the refusing of caffeine which might have been the tip off. But the good news is, I get magic little blue pills, which will make everything feel better. (There are times when my love for penicillin, in all its forms, rivals my love for shetland spun yarn.)

That said, the Shawl (part 1) will be off the needles tonight. (Yippee! Said very quietly, as anything above sotto voce brings on a phlegm attack.) So I will sort out the provisional cast-on, and head for blocking. There is an outside chance that there might be photos tomorrow.

Thanks for all the suggestions re alternatives to knitting a lining. Still, 4 days left, so surely a lining is possibly (I now have magic blue pills to help). Okay, so that may be my oxygen-starved brain talking, but I will not surrender, nor lay down my needles, nor put away my yarn, until the flame has died! Knit on, knit on, and knit again.