Friday, February 17, 2006

still no pictures (and I'm still not ill)

(I apologise for any incoherence, crabbiness, rambling, etc., etc., but I'm not ill.)

What, you want a picture of a large and unwieldly pile of brown shawl? Ain't going to happen, not today. Cos I'm not ill, and I haven't had a fever, and I'm not behind, and I'm not surrounded by used tissues, and I'm not cranky. But I am lying. (I'm ill enough to have spent most of this week asleep, taking painkillers, and drinking lots of liquids, but not ill enough to go to the doctor, who would just say go to sleep, take painkillers, and drink lots of liquids. Hrmph. But I'm getting better, because I'm now getting pouty cross with it all.)

Okay, so I will finish the shawl - I'm on row 72 (of 200 or so), and the dream about casting on 441 stitches, and then losing some every other row, is it all goes faster and faster. So I will finish the shawl. But, and this is where it gets tricky - I did sign up and say I would also knit a lining. Miles and miles of garter stitch. And then there is the blocking, and the joining together. It's the lining that scares me! And does anyone know when on 26th the flame is due to go out? (That, and I'm having to sacrifice blog-reading time, to olympic knitting and being not ill, which is poohy.)

But I have learned one thing. Do not attempt a spit splice if you have a) just eaten crisps/dry biscuits, or b) just swigged the really sticky cough medicine.