Saturday, June 10, 2006

lazy summer days

I've been a bad blogger, and not much of a better knitter, recently. Why? Because lazy summer days are here, and I want to go back to my childhood and reclaim those scratching through the woods expeditions, dangling feet in sweet salty water, coming home attached to leaves and twigs, covered in sunburn and thick black ozone sticky mud.

But the world doesn't work like that, for even if the university undergraduates can run away, I can't. So instead I've been just plain wilting, persuading cats that now is really not the time to use me as their kneadable mattress, and just feeling too plain sticky to knit.

So I leave you with a photo of some of the few plants that aren't officially weeds, to go and wilt some more. (And wish I had finished the cotton cardigan from last year, which became so traumatic that I gave away much of the remaining yarn, and now I can't finish it at all. And realised that now is a really silly time to be knitting a 44" chest gansey. And silk gets really sticky in the heat, which should be a good thing, but isn't.)