Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I really, really, really, really....

.... want to have a major whine-fest. I mean really. I want to bitch and moan and whinge, and shout and cry and stamp my feet, and throw absolutely every single breakable toy out of my pram.

Hmmm, I think, among other well-whingeable things, that S.A.D. might be kicking in big-time this year (a month or so to go, and the days will start to get longer...).

And I haven't made time to tell of the (yet more, I'm very, very spoiled this year) presents from near and far.

And I haven't made time to tell of the yarn-related activities.

But tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I will be playing at a knitting show.

And then, I shall come back, and be a cat for the rest of the winter....

(okay, so my new motto is: 'don't have anything [nice] to say, post pictures of sleeping cats instead'. Sorry.)