Monday, July 24, 2006

goodie bag

Don't you love it when you get things? When your stash has started to reach the epic proportions, when trading is not only possible, but necessary, and so you swap something that seemed like a good colour at the time, but probably isn't, for some pretty Fyberspates sock yarn, so that your feet can dance like foxgloves, and at some point in your future you can imagine coming over all Jemima Puddle-Duck. Many thanks, Blueadt, for the swap.

Don't you love it when you get things? When you know that your latest cardigan needs a something, and you have a feeling that that something might just be a brooch of some kind. But you don't want anything hard, angular, pointy, instead you think something soft and dream-like, something inspired by star-gazy reverie, by moon-struck wondering and night-sky wandering. And it just so happens that Hello Mango, has the perfect little hand-spun hand-made crocheted flower, as inspired by the Horsehead Nebula. Many thanks, Hello Mango, for the brooch.

Don't you love it when you get things? When you are working on a gansey, but you've been playing with the size, and need to remember that you've added bits, and to pattern accordingly, and could do with some deeply funky stitchmarkers, to help you remember. And then, because they say you've been helpful, you get given the most envy-creating little set of four (wave them in front of a teenage knitter, and watch their eyes grow wide with desire), of long, dangly, they look all dangerous and spiky but are touchable squeezable soft squadgy rubber stitchmarkers in pink and black, which work just perfectly. Many thanks, Piglottie, for the stitchmarkers.

And don't you just love it, when you unpack your little man, prop him up for size, and prepare him for his bath. My friends, he is starting to grow.