Friday, March 24, 2006

new homes

(cos daddy is a football fan)

I'm feeling deeply virtuous today, because not only have I done some knitting, but I have given knitting away.

First, some deeply silly little things made their way, with the help of some post-people and planes, trains and automobiles, all the way to Canada - to the home of Chub Creek. Where, apparently, it can get very cold, and pop-screen covers and microphones need keeping warm. Now, I'm a radio baby (a house isn't complete without a radio in every room), and I love me some talk radio. And if the presenter happens to be just a slightly bit odd, in a good way, and there is maybe a bit of music thrown in, nothing makes me happier. So, it is perfectly natural that I also love me some podcasts. And young Dave, co-host extraordinaire of Chub Creek (Gary is on sabbatical at the moment), took his life in his hands recently, stepped up the mark, and guested for Brenda Dayne's Cast-on (episode 15) a couple of weeks ago. Brave man, to tackle the might of the addi-turbo users, being a non-knitter, and I thought he did such a good job that he needed some kind of reward (well, that, and I was bored, and he mentioned that his pop-screen was looking a little dishevelled). So I forced a reward upon him. And he said he liked them (or else he is scared of what a pair of addi turbos might do). So.

By the way, Sage of Quirky Nomads guested for Brenda (episode 16) as well - and did a gem of a job. And this week Franklin of The Panopticon will be guesting - breaking news is that Dolores will not be involved (some disagreement over harmonica solos), which is probably a blessing in disguise. (Seriously, listening to podcasts, if you have the technology and inclication, is a wonderful way to spend some time, so go, listen, and if you like, send them some cookies, as Brenda would say.)

But back to the giving away of the knits. 'Cos this week I also got to go and see some friends, and meet their brand new twin girls. (I would say they are little, but at 6 pounds a piece, for twins not so little). Gratifyingly, I could tell them apart, but just in case I brought with me a couple of hats, matching, but not identical. (The girls themselves were a little camera shy - but imagine dinky little ones scootched down in the bassinet in the photo, below their matching, but not identical hats). And, because Daddy is a football fan, they are in his favourite team's colours. Because a man needs to sit between his daughters, on the sofa, in front of the TV, all cheering for the same team together, in matching, but not identical, hats. And mum got the olympic knit shawl, because new mothers need something warm and soft and comforting to wrap up in.

And it is good that I am feeling virtuous, because I have been being selfish, and keeping secrets. If you are a habitual knit-blog crawler, you may have come across mention of Socks that Rock, the new ├╝ber-yarn for sock knitters. And you may also have heard of the Socks that Rock Club (look, they even have their own KAL). And then cried and wailed and stamped your feet, because at first, they were only going to ship to North America. But, if you are really lucky, you get emergency emails from friend-nablers (Snow, have I told you how wonderful you are, and thanked you enough for the heads-up?), who tell you that they will ship to the UK, but you need to order 'schnell, schnell, schnell', because the club is almost full? And because I am selfish, I didn't share the news, because I wanted to keep the yarn all to myself. And it is a good thing, the giving away of knits, because my socks that rock kit arrived this morning, and it is beauteous and righteous, and if I hadn't been giving away knits, my karma would have been seriously kicked into the negative. Because the yarn is beauteous and righteous, and I was a bad, bad knit-blogger, not to share.

Now, though, I think I'd better go and knit some more to give away, just to make sure.